Background contest for xat Chat [RESULTS]

On August 12, 2015, the Chat contest was started in the contests section in which forum members can compete for prizes.

With a number of requirements, preferences and clarifications, Verite, the newest xat Chat main owner invites designers to try their luck in producing a set of backgrounds for the chat and the page of

Check out on forum:

The contest ended on August 31, 2015. You can see the winners below:


First place: Steven
Prize: 5,000 xats
Inner background:
Outter background:

Second place: Luig
Prize: 1,000 xats
Inner background:
Outter background:

Third place: Rant
Prize: 500 xats
Inner background:
Outter background:

One thought on “Background contest for xat Chat [RESULTS]

  • They should make more contest on officials xat like chat.


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