Many people are interested in knowing what it takes to become staff of Chat. We hope that this guide will act as a tool to answer any questions that may arise regarding this common question.

What does it take to become staff?

  • Must be registered with xat.com
  • Must have complete knowledge of the rules.
  • Must abide by the rules and help enforce them.
  • Helping other users in need of assistance.
  • Always being friendly, understanding and fun!
  • Being active on Chat!

What may damage your ability to become staff?

  • Asking for rank.
  • Breaking rules or inappropriate behavior.
  • A past history of violations of xat.com Terms of Service.

Important Tips and Reminders

Most of the time temporary moderators are needed if regular moderators are not at Chat, which in return means that you must be a trusted person that can handle being a temporary moderator.

If you are a member, there is a better chance that you will be a temporary moderator. If you show determination and ability, you will become a permanent moderator.