xat Chat staff

 Namexat IDRank
SydnoSydno (220711)Main Owner
MashaMeow (151179007)Co-Main Owner
DjHyperHouse DjHyperHouse (215290201)Owner
Jamille Jham (39521423)Owner
Lys ELEA (1313)Owner
Blacky BLacky (691320709)Moderator
Crazy DJCrazy (444000444)Moderator
Destiny desty (1000097)Moderator
Emari Emari (53725202)Moderator
Enge Enge (1492586443)Moderator
Ghost Ghost (220000913)Moderator
Hessy Hessy (1141764171)Moderator
Mino mino (388275558)Moderator
Paul Tombs66666 (1484564499)Moderator
Peshmerga Kurd (1519470016)Moderator
Shizuo Shizuo (1130000)Moderator
Tita iamTitaa (1133435149)Moderator

One thought on “xat Chat staff

  • June 26, 2017 at 20:33

    Hello, My name is Duygu, I am always active in the chat room and I read the rules of the chat room and learned the rules and I am a person who adapts to the rules and I want to be a moderator in the chat room. My register name Ciix (1000404)


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