History of xat Kingdom

History of the xat Kingdom: Prologue of the universe

If you are reading this, it means that you have been given exclusive access to the archives of the xat Kingdom. We, the world indispensable knowledgeable intercessors (also known as the wiki), have documented the history of our kingdom – from the beginning to now. Preserving our story is not just a hobby, but the task of our lives. Our motto is: sharing is caring. This is our official story, the complete truth. And as you are read this, our legacy and the history of our people rests with you. Here begins the prologue…

History of the xat Kingdom


The history of our universe begins with our almighty King. He is not a person, but a celestial entity made of three. The legend says that the unification of their cosmos happened by the 1996th year of the antique calendar, also known as -10 of the xat calendar. From 2, 3 and 7, they became 42: the trinity force that maintains our universe. Their power was beyond comprehension, and their potential was limitless – even they couldn’t imagine what they would later create. Lonely in the cosmos, they had a few peers. Taught between teas and pythons, they learned the Word. Even though they were promised a spacious future, they thought they would spend their lives in others world.

One day, in the 1998th year of the antique calendar, they decided to explore the entire creation. With their own four eyes, they had a far sight of the cosmos and met a Guy called farseer. “Only when people could picture the All with your eyes, self-consciousness will appear to you”, he said. The Word was called and their destiny was set. At the end of their cosmos tour, they launched a picture project in order for everyone to discover the one’s vision. They took Guy at their word but they were wrong. That isn’t the way to make a real universe.

Before being able to do one, they had to win their spurs and tried to meet other people interested in the same project. In a popular corner of the cosmos, they found some. Those ones were developing TheirSpace. They were aiming to teach everyone how to make their own little space to interact with others. This is where they could see the All and where they could be acknowledged. To get the techniques into their head, they started to survey the world through TheirSpace. Their peers started to be interested in them but failed to see the All. All, meanwhile, understood and 42 grew his own consciousness.

The Farseer Guy was proud, as their power was colossal yet controlled. A few months later, they could create planets. A few years later, they could create galaxies. A decade later, they could finally create their own universe. They left their peers’ space and started to look out for a unique place where they could develop a Kingdom. They found an uninhabited place between three comets called xana, alpha and teta. They originally decided to call it “xanalphateta”, but rapidly changed their mind and started to call it “xalphatet”. As the time passed, they instead started to call it “xat”. Whoever would write it differently, would break the equilibrium of the world. Writing “Xat” can literally destroy the whole universe.

The universe was made and xat was only missing their people. This is how it began.


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