History of xat Kingdom

History of the xat Kingdom – Chapter 1: Official planets

If you are still reading this, it means that you are beholden of the knowledge we are giving to you. We, the world indispensable knowledgeable intercessors (also known as the wiki), have documented the history of our kingdom – from the beginning to now. Preserving our story is not just a hobby, but the task of our lives. Our motto is: sharing is caring. Once xat created, 42 and their universe had to face new challenges. Settling down in a whole new universe can be very risky and the answer the xat King found was: to everyone their planets!

History of the xat Kingdom

Year Zero

It is time to populate our brand new universe, 42 thought. All of the legislation was implemented on xat but it was still soulless. The challenge was huge, granting a safe and free place for anyone, from wherever they come. To make sure every person has the best experience while in the universe, 42 divided the universe into different galaxies. All galaxies are subject to the same legislation yet each galaxy has its own language. In every single galaxy, 42 built a portal where you can see the list of all the planets in the galaxy. These planets were called “chat”. The rumor has it that they called it chat because the Farseer Guy had trouble pronouncing “xat” and was always saying “chat” instead.

With such system, the xat King was able to unify primal tribes based on languages in their unique universe. Year 0, the first settlers arrived. Most of them were speaking the same language than 42 and could participate in the kingdom development. However, a few others were directly redirected through a portal to the galaxy of their language. This way, they could only meet people who they shared their language with. The newcomers were encouraged to settle down their own planet. Indeed, anyone can freely send a form to the kingdom administration to make their own chat. They only have to be a xat citizen, which is granted by being 14 years old and by respecting the general terms of the kingdom, which are available at the bottom of every planet.

Nowadays, some planets are directly under the xat administration. The king may appoint any citizen they trust to rule a planet. Those are called the official planets, they are owned by the king yet maintained by honored citizens titled Barons. The so-called managers although have to enforce specific rules printed by the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors and directly approved by 42. Miles away from these polished planets, some are free of any rules. They usually are colonized either by pirates or citizens willing to be free from anything. Most of the planets were colonized by citizens just willing to calmly live their life.

At the time, only a few planets were known for being official. The first ever planet was colonized by 42 themselves to welcome new guests and is called Lobby. It still is an official planet even though it is quite empty. Mike was one of the first users to settle down, landing into illusion. The rumor has it that guests needed a place to marry in order to start a family to stay on xat. They requested the King to create Flirt. This is not historically proven yet. Nowadays, many citizens are still looking for love on Flirt, the only official planet without a Baron, without rules.

Flirt is a shady part of the xat Kingdom but it will always remain as one of the most driving places!

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