History of xat Kingdom

History of the xat Kingdom – Chapter 2: New privileges

If you are still reading this, it means that you are beholden of the knowledge we are giving to you. We, the world indispensable knowledgeable intercessors (also known as the wiki), have documented the history of our kingdom – from the beginning to now. Preserving our story is not just a hobby, but the task of our lives. Our motto is: sharing is caring. Once xat created, 42 and their universe had to face new challenges. Having a planet is cool, but what about having special privileges?!

History of the xat Kingdom

Year One

Planets, Families, Freedom. Everything was so peacefully. Citizens were even feigning wars between planets to have fun, similarly to the antique gladiators. Everyone was just willing to have a good time, to meet new citizens and even to expand their knowledge about the world. 42 was still around to discuss, to guide his fellow citizens and to receive inputs from anyone. xat was settled down, yet will never be entirely, but something was still missing. Primals citizens were fleeing the old tedium world and they built xat as much as they were built by xat. They all were like Adam and Eve, living in a new mystery universe where everything seemed possible. That was before the Apple was introduced to them. That was before they smell out the taste of colors.

You were able to decorate your planet but that wasn’t enough. xat needed an economic system and citizens were looking toward having colorful lives. The Almighty King decided to introduce privileges. This was a huge change. Before the privileges, everyone was working for the beneath of the entire society, regardless of what they could earn. Although, the privileges system seemed very fair. The more resources you allow the universe to use, the more you were rewarded. If you were a dedicated worker and by doing additional unpaid hours, you were receiving a currency. The King decided to name it after the universe, xats. Nevertheless, citizens were able to subscribe to the universe by exchanging some xats. A subscriber is a premium citizen who is basically allowed to use privileges.

The first privileges weren’t colorful, they literally were privileges granted to the premium users. The first four privileges were released at the same time. By having them, you were able to appear higher in the planet’s list of guests, to look more carefully to everyone’s face, to put malicious citizens in jail for a longer time if you were a marshall and also to hide the fact you were a premium user. Some citizens were humble and they didn’t want to appear as premium, “we all are equals”, they thought. However, that escalated quickly. The following privileges were supposed to improve the citizens’ experience yet, it only started closing the social field of possibilities. You were able to disable the natural noises, to hide from being even a proper citizen, to prevent others citizen to follow you in another planet, and even to forbidden some citizens to discuss with you in private…

Finally, the entire universe started changing when colors were implemented. Ironically, no one knew the world was colorless before. This is how corruption, envy, and gluttony were born. However, this was also the time where knowledge was introduced and where a few citizens step in to help the King managing their universe.

The Apple was definitely eaten and the universe was shaken, for better and for worse.

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