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Short Interview #8 xat Samuel

Happy Holidays, Samuel! Have you been good this year? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do my special Christmas interview! I’m going to ask you a few questions about your private life. I hope you feel comfortable!


What is your real name, how old are you and where are you from?

My real name is Samuel, I’m 20 years old and I was born in Venezuela but I live in Spain.


What words would you chose if you had to define yourself?

Funny, consistent, coherent, determined, tolerant and responsable.


For how long have you been on xat and how did you discover xat?

I’ve joined to xat as a “toon” user in mid of 2014 and discovered it thanks to Habbo chats.


How did you get involved in the official chats of xat?

I’ve started to get involved in this, at the end of 2016 on Novedades chat (There is still no official news from the Hispanic community).


What is your greatest strength?

I’m a curious person who likes to be continuously learning.


Have you ever met someone from xat?

If you mean to meet in person, no. But once, I was on my way to class and from the bus I saw a user who has left xat.


We’re almost at Christmas! What are you going to do this Christmas?

Basically nothing, recently I moved out of town, and I do not know anyone. Also, my family is far away.


What is your favorite Christmas food?

I love the “ham bread” (Pan de Jamón in Spanish). Typical food of Venezuela.


Any particular carol?

Christmas carols? Still existing?


We are almost in 2019, any special desire?

My greatest desire would be that my projects, both in real life and in xat, still continue to progressing perfectly as they have done to this day.


If I were to ask your xat friend to describe you, what would they say?

It depends on what friend, haha. But possibly they would describe me as by someone fun, collaborator, and always open to others. (I hope you do not ask Leandro, he will lie!)


Let’s drop it to things more funny and let me ask you a few questions about xat!


What is your global impression of xat now?

Begins to be remarkable, is not the same as many of us met a year ago, but xat stills the place where many people can be distracted and they forget about their “real” problems. I think that is what makes this place beautiful. Also, having impressive people with whom you can get to have the same treatment and confidence that you could have with your best friend in real life.


Do you have an funny fact to tell on xat?

Many curious facts, some perhaps not very appropriate but ignoring those, I could be stay with some like when I bought an ID and I got hold for almost two months or when by magic I’ve “cloned” 1 day with a friend!


What would you consider your best memory on xat?

The moment I bought my ID and I was blocked 2 months.


What is your favorite power?

Possibly, superkick.


We know you are the owner of Noticias chat. What is the objetive?

The goal has always been and will be to keep the Hispanic community informed of all the news that involves, especially to inform about new powers, new features, etc. Also, it’s a group where you can get direct help with the problem that can be found. Noticias’ web is prepared with generators of xat like letters for your nick, a generator code for music or videos etc…


How did you come up with that idea?

The idea was not only mine, many people were involved. One of them, was Pia, another great character in this story of Novedades/Noticias.  The idea arose from the inactivity of the Novedades owner. We started to realize that we were representing someone who was not listening to our suggestions, someone who basically did not care, so we decided to go another way, and there, Noticias was created.


You are the main owner of Ayuda’s chat, congratulations! Can you tell us what kind of things you want to improve?

Thanks! Well, I would like to improve the activity of the users who visit the chat, and I would love to erase that “myth” that we have on Ayuda. With this “myth” I mean that many users due to bad actions of the oldest chat staff, have to see Ayuda’s chat as a deposit of frauds, that is to say, if you go there, maybe the staff will steal you.


Who do you trust a lot on xat?

I trust a lot in each of the users that are in my friends list.


I know that you are a contributor, are you comfortable with it? Have you ever had a conflict with xat users?

Yes, I feel very comfortable since I feel that I can give my opinion to improve things in xat, which was my goal to become a Contributor. No, I’ve never had any type of conflicts.


Do you speak any languages other than English?

Yes, Spanish.


How has xat changed for the better since you first joined?

From my point of view, since technical ignorance has not changed very much, perhaps in some functions/tools that have improved the user experience.


How long do you think you’ll stay on xat?

I do not have a day or a year planned yet, I think that will be decided with the passage of time, I’m very comfortable and with desire of continuing to spend good times with my friends.


Samuel, thank you very much for allowing me to interview you. To end this interview,


Do you have any special message to end this interview?

Thank you for interviewing me and please, do not ignore the buttons below this :(. I do not know why everyone ignores this.

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